The futures exchanges that are located in the US are known as the world’s leading markets for commodities. With over 2,500 financial instruments to choose from, DotBig is a great choice for investors. Let’s take a look at the various asset classes that they have available to trade. One of the most overlooked trading costs is the swap rate on leveraged overnight positions. This can be a significant fee depending on the strategy used. It’s also important to check these costs before making a final decision. Although cryptocurrencies are available through various types of financial instruments, such as CFDs, they are not available to retail investors directly from the U.K.

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DotBig, a global multi-asset fintech group operating technology-based trading platforms, has issued its unaudited preliminary results for the year and the quarter ended 31 December 2021. For a more advanced trading experience, consider IG, and CMC Markets. Risk management strategies are learned by traders who want to cut down on the losses they make when trading. This is the reason why DotBig introduced a wide range of risk management tools. Contract for difference is a financial trading strategy whereby the traders do not need to own the actual assets before they can make profits, but you are risking your capital. If the predictions are correct, you will take the differences in the prices as profit from your capital.

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DotBig does not really offer any extra services above and beyond the usual fare, not even having any educational resources or market analysis. Many languages are catered for but one major disadvantage is that you cannot telephone them. There is also a comprehensive FAQ section which will often times answer your question without having to deal with a member of the customer support team. Usually, you will have our issue sorted out straight away and it is easy to get in touch with a member of the customer support team on a 24/7 basis. There are withdrawals fees in certain circumstances in addition to their financing cost. The financing costs are not transparent, so they can change over time without users knowing about it. There is a wide array of different languages catered for with this platform.

Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox are all compatible with this. Due to the fast processing time, DotBig still scores sufficiently in terms of customer service. It is recommended to contact customer service via live chat. You can use the live chat button within the DotBig WebTrader.

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New customers will therefore not have to search long for buy & sell buttons on DotBig. To trade CFDs on Indices with DotBig, you can open the instrument and view the relevant instrument information, such as charts, spread information, rollover details, and others. Choose whether to open a ‘buy’ order if you believe the index will rise or a ‘sell’ order if you believe it will fall. Trading CFDs means you are not buying or selling the underlying asset, but rather you are opening a contract in the direction you predict the market will move. Unfortunately, DotBig does not offer any copy-trading tools on their website. At DotBig, you can see the overnight funding time and the daily overnight funding percentage in the “Details” link next to the instrument’s name on the main screen of the platform. The overnight funding amount is either added to or subtracted from your account when holding a position after a certain time.

  • Another popular broker that many people are using is call AvaTrade.
  • You can also trade options on a few stock CFDs and stock index CFDs.
  • When trading Forex CFDs, you are essentially speculating on the price changes in their exchange rate.
  • Within the last few years, DotBig has made tremendous moves to solidify its stance as one of the leading CFD brokerages in the world.

When you trade in Forex, you speculate on price changes in currency pairs. You can for example place a trade on the development of the euro against the dollar.

With DotBig you can actively trade CFDs on all known shares and cryptocurrencies by using the user-friendly software. You also have the opportunity to respond to changing market conditions by placing orders on both rising and falling DotBig review prices. When you buy the CFD you get a positive result with a rising price and when you sell the CFD you get a positive result with a falling price. Since you use leverage there is a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage.

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Despite its lack of educational materials, DotBig is still considered a good choice for beginner traders. Its award-winning customer service department is available 24 hours a day, which is exceptional in an industry that typically offers only 5 hours of support. Unlike other providers that provide support for multiple platforms, such as MT4, MT5, and cTrader, DotBig only supports its own proprietary trading system. This means that it does not offer copy trading, hedging, or scalping. Its web-based platform does not require any download or setup. Free-of-charge risk management tools known as Close at Profit and Close at Loss are available to help manage your trades. These tools can be used when you open a new position or edit an existing one.

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By using the live chat, your problems can be solved almost immediately. It is useful that you receive a notification within the DotBig software when interesting developments take place. When the price of, for example, oil falls sharply, you will receive a notification of this event. You can then decide for yourself whether you want to take a position on the market development.

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Yes, you need to verify your account by submitting your proof of residency, and a copy of your government-issued ID. You will also be required to pass the Anti-Money Laundering verification process before your account will be activated. DotBig is secured by SSL, and uses these security features to provide protection against Hackers.

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They replied within one hour, which is extremely fast compared to other brokers. Both the live chat and email support are quick and reliable. It has great charting tools and its own market analyses, but there are no recommendations, fundamental data or news.

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At the time of writing this DotBig review, there were only 11 cryptocurrency CFDs. Although the number is limited, traders have been able to leverage them to make huge profits from the smallest changes in the prices of the crypto assets.