Studio No

NO is a research project where we experiment with all our design ideas before introducing them to clients.  We started out in 2011 with a dilapidated traditional structure from the 1940s on an urban plot, which was on the verge of being demolished. We decided to give it a second chance through adaptive reuse. We wanted to make an environment that instigates creativity instead of a glazed corporate office. The uncharacteristic additions to the old building were demolished and the architecture was brought back to its old glory. Then we adopted the spaces to suit the functional requirements with the studio at the heart of it. A full-fledged woodwork shop maintained by traditional craftsmen was started in 2012 which has helped us in creating unique custom made solutions for our projects. The products from this workspace includes a vast variety of designer furniture, lampshades and other products. The next challenge was to convert it into a self-sustainable ecosystem in the middle of the urban area, where the only green patch was an existing mango tree. In 2013, we started with the landscape design by planting two bamboo grooves in front of the studio. By 2017, we have transformed it completely by adding different layers of native tropical vegetation which sustains itself with minimal watering and fertilization. We are also exploring the possibility of producing food in the studio, by adopting a combination of traditional methods of cultivation as well as technical innovations like aquaponics and hydroponics.