Beneath the mango trees

This is one project which will always remain close to our heart irrespective of time. It was a great initiative from our client to come to us three years back, when we had just started with our landscape division. We just had our studio to prove our true intent to be on nature’s side. This is a humble effort from our part to protect whatever greenery was existing, to add more native plants to it and create a sustainable landscape. We have tried to redefine the lush green tropical landscape and add a bit of hardscape to create a new design language. ‘Gardens are for people ‘ by Thomas Church, the classic of landscape architecture has always been a great inspiration for us. In this project, we try to bring out the same idea in the tropical context. The garden was meant to be used by three generations, the client and his wife, their parents and their kids. We have ensured that there are serene seating areas defined by greenery and water for the elderly as well as walkways and active play spaces for the kids. It is designed like a flexible fabric that fits in to the requirements of all users and also functions as urban refuge and as an ecosystem. In short, we have tried to create a space that can rejuvenate you, leaving you illusioned by the healing powers of nature.